At Tiny Art Club we strive to be a sustainable, ethical business, and work hard to mitigate our impact on the environment, whilst actively benefiting the communities in which we work.

Eco Inks

Neo pigment, water-based inks are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and vegan friendly. They meet the strictest industry standards as defined by Oeko-Tex 100 safety applications and Residues Standard List (RSL).

Sustainably Sourced Paper & Wood

FSC-certified forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. They are independently audited to ensure they meet the FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Management. We use FSC-approved paper stocks and packaging wherever practically possible. 100% of all packaging used by Tiny Art Club facilities are FSC accredited.

Plastic Free

Due to the longer times taken to biodegrade, we avoid using plastics in our products wherever practicable.

Sustainable Supply Chain

In addition to our own internal measures, we are continually working in partnership with our network to improve the sustainability of both our products and services.

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One Print. One Tree

At Tiny Art Club, we're committed to safeguarding our planet for future generations. That's why, with every print purchase you make, you're not just buying art - you're contributing to environmental restoration and community development. Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects empowers local communities to plant trees, combat deforestation, and lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable practices. Join us in making a difference, one tree at a time.