The (Tiny) Story

Tiny Art Club came alive when Lucille spotted a twinkling gap in the market – a place for eco-conscious, gallery-quality prints that spark wonder in little hearts.

It all started with a personal moment of inspiration. When a friend welcomed a baby, Lucille found herself reaching for her own artistic creations instead of the usual gifts. That aha-moment led to a brilliant idea: why not make sustainable, gallery-worthy prints accessible to every Aussie family?

And voilà, Tiny Art Club was brought into the world, bridging the gap between art, sustainability, and family joy. From that very spark of creativity, a constellation of beautiful prints was born, ready to light up homes with love and artistry!

Join us in celebrating Lucille's inspired journey and her mission to infuse art into everyday life. The Tiny Art Club magic is more than just ink on paper – it's a piece of Lucille's heart for your home.

Meet Lucille: Captain of the Creative Ship and the Heartbeat of Tiny Art Club

A seasoned Art Director and Graphic Designer in the fashion world for over a decade, Lucille doesn't just lead the club, she ignites its artful spirit! And guess what? In a delightful twist of fate, she's also a former art educator for children. Destiny? She's all about it!

Based in the dreamy harbourside of Sydney, Australia, Lucille shares her abode with the dynamic duo of adorableness – her wildly entertaining cat, Jagger, and her sweet-as-can-be mini dachshund, Lenny.

Her world is painted in the enchanting hues of pink and green, and when it comes to the ultimate life decisions, like coffee or tea, it's always the java that wins her heart!

Lucille's journey is a masterpiece in the making, and her passion for art and creativity is at the core of everything she does. Get ready to dive into the whimsical world of Tiny Art Club, guided by the one and only Lucille!

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